Should Hendrick Motorsports Part Ways With Stewart-Haas Racing?

By Wola Odeniran
Hendrick Motorsports
Sam Sharpe- USA TODAY Sports

With Stewart-Haas Racing forming a fourth team in their camp, one would have question whether or not it is wise for Hendrick Motorsports to continue aligning themselves with Stewart-Haas Racing.

Hendrick Motorsports is supporting Stewart-Haas Racing most notably with engines, and chassis. With Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick and Danica Patrick on Stewart-Haas Racing, I think it would be wise for Hendrick Motorsports to back out as soon as they can to weaken the competition.

Stewart-Haas Racing to me is benefiting from this alliance a lot more than Hendrick Motorsports is. Hendrick teammates’ Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were doing their thing long before Stewart decided to team up with Gene Haas. Hendrick Motorsports is in control of this situation, and a lot of what happens going forward will depend on how much money they are getting in return with this alliance.

I may be thinking from the competition side, but I think that is the only way to approach it at this point in time. And if I’m Hendrick Motorsports, I’m questioning certain things like the way Stewart-Haas Racing handled their situation with Ryan Newman, who was basically booted out by Stewart in since there was no real initial interest in building a fourth team.

To be fair to Stewart, he was leaped over on the decision to bring Busch on the team. But at the end of the day, Stewart-Haas Racing is quickly turning into a direct competitor for Hendrick Motorsports. Rick Hendrick should keep be on the lookout at all times from here on out.

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