Lewis Hamilton Shouldn't Be So Critical Of His Italian GP Weekend

By Stowe Gregory
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Lewis Hamilton shouldn’t be so harsh on himself after describing his driving as idiotic at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

The British driver made an error in qualifying, which, as he admitted, proved very costly in terms of results on race day. Despite that error, I feel it is wrong of him to be so hard on himself.

It was the first time in 67 races that he didn’t make the third and final session in qualifying. That is a seriously impressive amount of time to consistently make it in to the top 10, even when at times his previous cars haven’t been the most competitive.

Every driver makes mistakes. At such a high level of competition and ferocity of sport, there is a very fine line between error and success. Hamilton has proven time and time again that he is one of the best; he rarely drives like an ‘idiot,’ as he stated. He has made errors before that were due to his determination to want to win and pass the man in front. This was different, however, as it was a session where he just failed to bring things together. But it is so rare to see that from him that he needs to try and put it behind him.

I understand that he doesn’t like to let anyone down, let alone such a hard working Mercedes team. But his performance on race day was certainly one to take pride in. He may have only advanced two places, but having suffered a slow puncture and a radio failure for the entirety of the race, it was an impressive drive. The fact that he had no communication with team via radio, yet still pulled off some stunning and relentless overtakes, was yet another example of his seriously top-notch quality.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, Lewis. Everyone makes mistakes. To drive to a lower standard than you, and we, expect must be irritating, but this is extremely rare and it was in a brief 10 minute period. The race was super in terms of performance. Disappointment is understandable, but public damning of yourself doesn’t seem justifiable.

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