Night Race for Bahrain in 2014

By chriscassingham
Mexico Today- Flickr Commons

In a bid to garner more support for the Bahrain Grand Prix and commemorate the event’s 10th anniversary, circuit owners, along with Formula 1 Management, have had serious talks about hosting the 2014 event at night.

Speculation regarding this situation has been swirling around the Grand Prix paddock for some time now, with further discussions about the circuit hosting a pre-season test also on the table.

For now, event organizers are focused on finalizing plans to host the race at night. This means serious technical changes to the circuit itself. Like Singapore, the Bahrain circuit will need to outfit the venue with thousands upon thousands of lights to ensure that the drivers are able to see the track and others as easily as they would during the day. This is not an inexpensive undertaking, but circuit owner Zayed Al Zayani believes the effort and money will be worth it.

There was also talk that Bahrain could host the season opener, rather than Australia. Zayani has stated the circuit requested to not take that role in the season, as the major refurbishments will take some time. They may go back to their traditional slot as the last flyaway race before the European season begins.

Hosting the Bahrain Grand Prix at night could be just what the event needs after taking some serious flack in recent years for lack of excitement. Compound that to ongoing civil unrest in the country, and you understand how rocky a road it has been for the event recently. Nevertheless, event organizers are confident that a deal will be finalized imminently, thus securing the circuit’s future on the calendar for years to come.

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