Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wants to See NASCAR Drop the Hammer on Michael Waltrip Racing

By Wola Odeniran
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Peter Casey- USA TODAY Sports

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had some choice words for the incident in NASCAR  last Saturday at Richmond International Raceway, where Clint Bowyer is being accused of spinning out on purpose along with teammate Brian Vickers in the final stages of the race.

Michael Waltrip Racing general manager Ty Norris order the moves to manipulate the outcome of the race to help their other teammate Martin Truex Jr. in the chase. Earnhardt Jr. wants to see stiffer punishment as he discussed via CBS News, and I would agree as well.

“I like to see the sport — I like to see NASCAR drop the big hammer. I like to see the sport handled sternly and handled fairly and the integrity of the sport and the health of the sport is of the utmost importance to me as a driver.”

The thing that I don’t seem to understand in all of this is that NASCAR actually docked 50 points from Bowyer over the incident at Richmond, yet they believe that Bowyer didn’t intentionally spin out. If so, then why dock Bowyer any points? He had nothing to do with the scandal, according to NASCAR.

That just tells everyone that NASCAR doesn’t have the guts to do what is needed because they know Bowyer had something to do with it.

If the integrity of the sport is at stake, points and a suspension isn’t enough. This is especially true when innocent drivers like Jeff Gordon, and Ryan Newman were in the middle of this mess, and it cost Gordon a spot in the chase.

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