F1: Kimi Raikkonen Shows His Class Again Despite Not Getting Paid

By Stowe Gregory
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The stunning news in Formula One that Kimi Raikkonen hasn’t been paid by his team Lotus highlights once again how much of an old-school racer he is.

F1’s press has reported that he stated “I haven’t got my salary. It’s unfortunate but I want to help the team and I want to win.”

That last bit just really sums up what Raikkonen is all about. It appears the reason for his switch next season to Ferrari is now down to the fact he hasn’t been given his rewards, but that understandable. Still, the fact Raikkonen has made such little fuss about this is something that is great to see for F1 fans.

How many times over the past decade have we seen drivers moaning about one thing or another? Raikkonen just gets on with it. He just wants to race and win. Receiving no money is a serious issue, but to have that desire and focus to simply be a racer deserves some respect.

Although he isn’t a very open man, Raikkonen’s attitude is love by many fans. Like the James Hunts and Ayrton Sennas of the past, F1 needs personalities and characters. It needs drivers that make it great fun to follow.

He could have make a big noise about this and perhaps even considered leaving early, but Raikkonen has once again shown his respect for his team and also his respect for a sport that is sometimes inundated with money issues. At a time when it has manipulated his future, he never allowed it to get in the way of his main objective: winning.

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