Stephen Leicht's Journey Back into NASCAR Racing (Part Three)

By Joseph Wolkin
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Now, Stephen Leicht’s life is certainly different. He isn’t centered on racing like he once was. Just to make a living, he has to work as a security guard during the graveyard shift. The only days which he works include Friday and Saturday from eight in the evening until two in the morning.

It may be a giant difference from racing, but Leicht understands what he needs to do to get back to the way things used to be.

“Sometimes I feel like winning that NASCAR race was easier than living regular life. I want a better life. I’m just struggling right now. It’s so bad. I just can’t seem to pull myself out of this hole.”

He’s trying really hard to get back into racing. Being it’s the only thing that he grew up knowing how to do, Leicht certainly has the drive to get back in a race car.

Besides being a security guard, Leicht was also going to classes to earn his personal fitness trainer certificate. It may not seem like a whole lot, but if racing doesn’t work out, he can surely make a living by training other race car drivers.

So, how did Leicht end up in the predicament he’s in?

It’s actually rather simple, and a mistake that plenty of up-and-coming athletes (not just NASCAR drivers) make. Leicht simply didn’t save his money the proper way, and didn’t have the job security which he was believed to have. The main reason, however, is due to sponsorship woes; it’s not something that is rare in NASCAR. In fact, it’s an unfortunate development of the sport, created by people who just wanted to race for fun and make a living.

Now, Leicht is making some noise. He’s working for the NASCAR Driving Experience, as he chose not to become a personal trainer. Leicht’s career path is ascending.

An unfortunate facet for Leicht is that after racing for several top teams, he is trying to sit behind the wheel once again. He currently has a plan set in place to run in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2014, possibly on a full-time basis. Though he would not name what team it was, Leicht appears to be stoked about the possibilities for the future.

However, the future is never secure, no matter who you are or what you do.

Leicht does not have any sponsorship signed yet. He does have some things lined up, but other than that, there’s nothing officially signed. It looks as if he will be racing in 2014 though; even if Leicht does not race in the Sprint Cup Series in 2014, he will most likely be racing in one of the top three NASCAR series. Leicht has also opened up the possibility of running in other racing series. Though he did not name exactly which series it would be, he seemed interested in open-wheel racing, but there is likely an interest in doing some sports car stuff as well.

“It really all depends on sponsorship. Once we have a sponsor signed up, we can figure out what team to take it to and figure what the next steps will be. We actually have a few things that may be lined up in not just NASCAR. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen over the next month and a half.”

Evidently, this could be Leicht’s last shot to make it in NASCAR. Not too many people get the opportunities that he’s been exposed to. After making the most of what he could, it’s time for Leicht to prove to the NASCAR world that he has what it takes to be at least moderately successful.

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