Kyle Busch Must Be Focused On Winning His 1st Sprint Cup Championship

By Wola Odeniran
Kyle Busch
Mike Dinovo- USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Busch can win as many races as he wants in the Nationwide Series, but what has that gained him when he has zero career chase wins in NASCAR‘s biggest stage? The chase is the big stage. Busch shouldn’t be focused on anything else other than winning a Sprint Cup championship during this time of year.

Some drivers need the reps in the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series to get things going — and I get that. Other drivers work better focusing on one platform. I think Busch is very talented, and should have a Sprint Cup championship when his career is over. However, I don’t think he can do that by focusing on multiple places at once.

This isn’t even counting the fact that Busch participates in the Camping World Truck Series as well.

Busch in the Nationwide Series is beneath him at this point. I’m not saying Busch should leave the series completely, but he takes on too many races in the series, which hinders his championship goals in the Sprint Cup. It’s hard focusing on one team each and every week. Can you imagine focusing with two other cars to take care of?

In turn, Busch takes away opportunities from other young drivers who need to win races to prove themselves. Busch doesn’t have anything left to prove in the Nationwide Series, yet he keeps going back. I don’t think Busch cares about that, but the net gain for him participating in the Nationwide series is next to nothing at this point.

Busch has everything to prove in the Sprint Cup Series. If Busch doesn’t win a Sprint Cup championship, he will always be looked upon as a guy who dominates the minor leagues so to speak in the Nationwide Series, but crumbles against the big boys in the Sprint Cup.

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