What Jeff Gordon Winning 5th Sprint Cup Title This Season Would Mean For NASCAR

By Wola Odeniran
Jeff Gordon
John David Mercer- USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Jeff Gordon became the 13th driver in the Chase for the Sprint Cup last month, quite a few of Gordon’s critics have said that his addition in the chase impacts the integrity of NASCAR, which is a complete joke in my opinion.

If anything, Gordon’s addition has helped the sport gain credibility. A lot of people including myself think that Clint Bowyer spun out on purpose in the final stages of the race at Richmond, which created this situation. The possibility of leaving Gordon out because of those circumstances would not have gone over well in the long run for NASCAR.

Bowyer winning the chase would be 10 times worse than any other alternative. The fact that Bowyer is even in the chase in my opinion is much more controversial than Gordon being in it. Thank goodness Bowyer is most likely done as a contender for the championship as he is currently 57 points back. What a mess that would have been.

If Gordon is somehow able to win the chase, he would he restore any doubts any critic had about the sport as Gordon has done things the right way throughout his career, and especially this season. Whatever troubles Gordon has had during this season, he has always maintained a positive approach. He never whined, never called out his teammates, or asked for a crew chief change.

I don’t think there should be any controversy if Gordon somehow manages to win the chase. In fact, it would be a great story for a guy who some people believe is past his prime, who be able to prove the naysayers wrong by winning a fifth championship.

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