NASCAR: Felipe Massa In Talks With Williams

By chriscassingham
Image courtesy of Williams F1 Team

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has revealed that he is currently in talks with Williams about a possible drive with the team for 2014. After being dropped from his current team for next season in favor of Kimi Raikkonen, Massa has said repeatedly that he aims to be on the grid next season in a competitive car.

Speculation surrounding where he will be driving, however, is varied. Massa has been linked to drives at Lotus, Sauber, Force India and Williams, with the latter being the most realistic target for the Brazilian.

With Pastor Maldonado‘s Venezuelan sponsorship in doubt since the death of his home country’s president earlier this year, it would seem logical that Massa, said to be compiling hefty commercial backing, would step in to keep Williams afloat.

What Massa needs to be banking on, however, is his experience. With the regulation changes for 2014 looking like they will trouble all the teams, experience is a vital key to success in Formula One next season. Felipe has experience dealing with major regulation changes during 2009, when all the cars were redesigned with a completely new aerodynamic philosophy. It would be wise to emphasize this experience rather than his financial backing.

Signs that Maldonado’s place at Williams have been further substantiated by rumors that he is possibly in the running for the now vacant Lotus seat. Nico Hulkenberg is known to be the team’s preferred choice, but his lack of financial backing could hurt his chances with a team that currently is unsure about its future. A lucrative commercial partnership at Lotus is currently in the works, but contractual details are still being negotiated, despite months and months of deliberation. Should the deal be finalized, which it is rumored to do so in the next few days, then Maldonado’s monetary services will no longer be needed. Should the deal fall through, then Hulkenberg may find himself stuck in the midfield for yet another season.

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