We Need More NASCAR Truck Series Racing

By Brian Berg Jr.
Chris Graythen/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Watching the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race Saturday morning, I know it was Friday night but that is another story that should not be told, brought some thoughts into my head that must get out. It might be because watching via the DVR without social media, internet and email allowed for a much deeper reflection. Or maybe not, anyway here it is.

The NASCAR Truck series more often than not has some of the best races but they are not everlasting. They don’t typically have those moments that stick in your head, make the headlines, or generate everlasting buzz outside the close NASCAR community.

It is sad because as I just wrote the racing is more reliably awesome. Every week the Trucks run, the racing is great. So what is missing?

Watching the Win Star World Casino 350K from Texas Motor Speedway, a race where the Cup Series interlopers didn’t figure into the race and the young truck series regulars put on a show was great. It highlighted for me that these young soon to be stars don’t hang around in the Truck Series long enough.

Just when they get good they are gone. There’re on to the Nationwide Series or if they are really good to the Cup Series.  Maybe they are just following the program that Greg Biffle started or it’s just economics. It might be a combination of both.

This is good for the other series but for the Truck Series just about the time a rivalry develops they are gone and with it the drama.  Just as a bunch of rookie drivers are good enough that the Cup interlopers have competition they are gone. Gone also is the stability that casual fans of the truck series know who the drivers are and what trucks they drive.

Sure there are Truck Series regulars like Johnny Sauter, Ron Hornaday but it would be nice if Darrell Wallace Jr. and Ty Dillon became stars in the Truck Series then left after leaving some epic battles between them in our minds.

Then again maybe I am just being selfish because I don’t want to give up the good racing we have today in the Truck Series. At least Matt Crafton, a Truck Series stalwart, will win the Championship. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Someone give that man a ride in the Cup Series.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for RantSports.com.

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