Brendan Gaughan: A True Racer Looking for Victory Lane with Richard Childress Racing (Part 3)

By Joseph Wolkin
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s part three of our series with NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Brendan Gaughan. Gaughan is the driver of the No. 62 Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing and is moving to the NASCAR Nationwide Series on a full-time basis in 2014.

What will be the greatest difference between racing in the Nationwide Series from the Camping World Truck Series next season?

“It really isn’t much of a difference besides the number of weeks, and it’s actually better in the Nationwide Series. This Truck Series schedule honestly kind of stinks. There are monthly gaps, only 22 races, it’s hard to get into a rhythm when things are going good, it’s hard to get out of a slump and you want to get back to the race track and work hard. I like the Nationwide Series schedule better, it keeps me out of trouble, keeps some of the boys I have out of trouble. I’m looking at one of them right now (laughs at one of his competitors). It keeps you racing so when you’re on a hot streak, you can keep that going. When you’re on a slump, you can break that slump faster and get out of it instead of sitting there for a month waiting.”

What do you think NASCAR can do to make the Truck Series better then?

“NASCAR is trying to get back to 25 races. Sometimes they just can’t pull off miracles. Unfortunately, Rockingham closed down again, which is a big bummer for our sport in that series. It’s really neat to see Loudon back on the schedule and St. Louis as well. That was two big gains for them. Bringing back Eldora as a marquee event for the Truck Series, nobody can say anything bad about that race. They have some positives; they just need to add a race with Rockingham closing down. They told me they were close to a deal with a couple of other tracks, but it was too late so it’s unfortunately going to be 22 races again. NASCAR is going to keep working at that and they’ll get a track that wants to have a date back. Hopefully we’ll get the Truck Series back up to 23-24 races soon.”

Since you enjoy racing in the Truck Series as much as you do, will you be racing in some events with another RCR driver next year?

“I don’t know what RCR’s plans are next year, but I can tell you this, between Austin Dillon, Ty Dillon, myself, Paul Menard, Ryan Newman and Brian Scott, I guarantee you all of us want to race at Eldora next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see five or six RCR trucks at Eldora. Other than that, as long as a great sponsor comes along, our great equipment at RCR would be the only thing that matters to me. But, I’m focused on winning that Nationwide Series championship.”

How have you worked with the Dillon brothers this year as your teammates?

“Working them for two years now has been a lot of fun. They’re good kids, they’re younger than me so I get to have a mentor role to them, but I love them to death. They are great young men. They deserve the praise that they get. They do not deserve the criticism that they have recently received. They are just really good boys. I’m excited to see them with their upbringing. Forget about racing, I’m just impressed at how their mom and dad, and the people around them, did in raising those boys. They’re very polite and very proper.”

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