Brendan Gaughan: A True Racer Looking for Victory Lane with Richard Childress Racing (Part 5)

By Joseph Wolkin
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s part five of our series with NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Brendan Gaughan. Gaughan is the driver of the No. 62 Chevrolet for Richard Childress Racing and is moving to the NASCAR Nationwide Series on a full-time basis in 2014.

Racing in the Sprint Cup Series for only one year plus a few scattered races over the past few years, what makes you want to continue racing in the lower series?

“It’s not so much about what series you’re in, it’s more about the caliber equipment that I have. I don’t care if it’s Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Trucks or whatever. Whatever I’m racing in, I want the equipment that it takes to win. Richard gives me that equipment. I told Richard Childress, the last race team that I’m ever going to drive for is his. If I can’t win races and can’t be upfront then I’m going to go home. I’ve been upfront every week, and if he told me next year to go back and run the Trucks next year, I’d say thank you. If he told me right now that I’m running Cup I’d say yes sir, thank you. I would drive my heart out to the best of my ability to be upfront.”

How much longer do you see yourself racing?

“Until I can’t win races. I know I’m saying that 10 years after I won a race, but I’ve never had an opportunity like this. As soon as it’s proven to me at RCR that I can’t win races, I’m done. Until then, we’re going to keep on driving. It takes a lot to make the series work. I respect the guys that race their heart out and work hard on their race cars day-in and day-out when some days they race and some they park for money. I respect them a lot, and it’s hard work doing that. It’s not that they’re any less of a driver or not, they just don’t have the opportunity. I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity, and if I can’t win, I’ll just go ride off in the sunset.”

What do you think about the 100 percent rule that NASCAR created this year?

“It’s always been 100 percent. That whole 100 percent thing was just dumb. I grew up in the sport where you had to earn respect by showing you had what it took. The whole ‘guys weren’t racing hard just because one organization’ made a mockery of racing. Other than that, we race hard man. You have to ride at certain times and take breaks at certain times. You have to be smart. Just like at Talladega, the strategy is to run at the back. Its strategy, it doesn’t make it any easier, it’s just a different strategy. I always race 100 percent.”

What has been your favorite memory throughout your 17 plus years of experience in NASCAR?

“I would have to say winning in front of my home crowd in Las Vegas, watching my father cry, winning four in a row at Texas and winning the 24-Hours of Daytona. I’ve had a lot of great moments that were really special. The next special thing is when I end this drought with RCR. That’s going to be a big day for me.”

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