Donovan McNabb Runs His Mouth About Jimmie Johnson: "He's Not An Athlete"

By Joseph Wolkin
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

“He sits in a car and drives.”

Those are some pretty harsh words coming from a guy that was basically forced to retire from the NFL after the 2011 season.

Donovan McNabb, the guy that made it to six Pro Bowls, just lost a ton of fans because of his senseless thoughts. During Fox Sports Live (on Fox Sports 1) on Friday evening, McNabb made this outrageous statement about the man that’s about to make history this weekend.

Jimmie Johnson is about to win his sixth NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship. Only Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Richard Petty have seven championships, so most NASCAR fans understand that this is a big weekend in the sport’s history for numerous reasons.

McNabb’s fellow panelists continuously stuck up for Johnson, who’s notably a triathlete on top of his weekly duties behind the seat of his No. 48 Chevrolet. Even Andy Roddick, the former tennis star, couldn’t believe what he was witnessing from the former NFL player.

“What athletically is he doing?” McNabb asked his co-hosts. “I didn’t say it’s not a sport, I said he’s not athletic,” he continued.

These outrageous statements come from a person that clearly isn’t qualified to be a reporter. Johnson and many other NASCAR drivers such as Mark Martin and Carl Edwards each have extraneous workout routines more intense than the likes of any workout that McNabb has ever endured in his time while playing football.

The statement aggravated NASCAR drivers and fans on Friday evening, taking to social media outlets such as Twitter to rant about how angry they truly were.

“Wow @donovanjmcnabb really? Got to b an idiot. I’d like to see him keep up with @JimmieJohnson in a workout. And drive our cars for 500 miles,” Ricky Stenhouse Jr. said on his Twitter Friday evening.

He wasn’t the only driver that was offended by McNabb’s words though. Four-time champion, Jeff Gordon, one of the most popular athletes in the world, took to Twitter as well.

The true response came from Johnson, who showed that McNabb is just another critic that doesn’t have any information to support this outrageous opinion. Johnson stated that he believes everyone has their own opinions, but he also replied to a fan saying that he opts to be respectful instead of lashing out at the washed up football player such as many fans wanted him to do.

McNabb’s statement will likely hurt the popularity of Fox Sports Live which proved last night that people actually watch it, especially NASCAR fans. It wouldn’t be a surprise if McNabb is fined/fired for his statement.

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