FIA Confirms 2014 Calendar

By chriscassingham
Image courtesy of Lotus F1 team

The final meeting of the World Motorsport Council concluded today in Paris, with the biggest news coming from the meeting being the confirmation of the 2014 Formula One calendar.

As was reported in October, the preliminary calendar featured 22 races, with three uncertainties being Korea, New Jersey and Mexico. Those three races were uncertain for different reasons, but their inclusion in the calendar would provide some major logistical challenges for those involved in the sport.

For example, New Jersey was expected to slot in after the Canadian Grand Prix to make the first ever triple-header with Monaco, Canada and then New Jersey all taking place within the span of three weeks.

It was decided, however, that New Jersey would be postponed until 2015 in order to allow more time for funding deals and construction to be completed. This is the second time the race at Port Imperial in New Jersey has been removed from a Formula One calendar, with the race first introduced on the 2013 edition, only to be postponed until 2014, and then again today.

Mexico was also removed from the calendar for similar reasons to New Jersey. Funds are yet to be finalized, and the track, located in downtown Mexico City, is in need of major renovations. It last hosted a Grand Prix in 1992. Korea was also set to move to the beginning of the 2014 calendar, but horrific ticket sales in the past two years have prompted its swift removal from the calendar.

The calendar has thus been reduced to a much more manageable 19 races. This is a good thing considering the already drastic cost increases set to come into play due to the new regulation changes.

2014 calendar:

March 16 Australia
March 30 Malaysia
April 6 Bahrain
April 20 China
May 11 Spain
May 25 Monaco
June 8 Canada
June 22 Austria
July 6 Great Britain
July 20 Germany (Hockenheim)
July 27 Hungary
August 24 Belgium
September 7 Italy
September 21 Singapore
October 5 Japan
October 12 Russia
November 2 USA
November 9 Brazil
November 23 Abu Dhabi


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