What Do Changes To NASCAR Sprint Showdown Mean For Fans?

By Christy Valdez
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NASCAR season has yet to wave its first green flag of the year, and several changes have been made so far. One of them will include activities for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star weekend.

Starting in the 2014 season, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Sprint Showdown, the race where drivers attempt to race their way into the All-Star race, will be held one day earlier, moving to a Friday. Qualifying for the Sprint All-Star race will remain on Friday, but it will now follow the Sprint Showdown. Once the two drivers who race their way into the All-Star race do so, they will have their chance to qualify instead of starting in the back of the field.

Fans will still have a say in the All-Star race as the fan vote will add another driver into the Saturday night race. In the past, the Sprint Showdown has been held prior to the Sprint All-Star race. Once the Showdown was over, the two drivers who had raced their way in would start at the back of the field. No major changes have been made to the Showdown or the All-Star race.

Moving the showdown will split the races within the All-Star weekend across two days as qualifying for the showdown and the All-Star race were held on Friday with both races on Saturday.

With the two races now being hold on two days rather than just the one, it will leave fans wanting a little more as the excitement from the Sprint Showdown will be transferred over to the All-Star race. Instead of getting two races in one night, fans will have to settle for one race a night, just like every other race weekend.

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