Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dominate Twitter

By Chris Olmstead
Getty Images

Social media has taken over the world and that includes the world of sports. If you haven’t been living under a rock, the previous statement is something that you might have already been aware of. In the world of NASCAR, two of their most popular drivers have made quite the impact on Twitter this past week.

For starters, Twitter has a brand new user and his name is Dale Earnhardt Jr. It’s hard to imagine that the most popular driver in NASCAR over the last decade hasn’t been a part of Twitter. Prior to the Daytona 500, Earnhardt promised reporters that if he were to win the race, he would finally join the Twitter universe. Nearly 12 hours later, he stood in victory lane and would later make good on his promise.

The first official tweet from Earnhardt Jr. was a selfie of himself and the Daytona 500 trophy. He would late post a selfie of himself standing in front of the Daytona statue of his father, tagging it with “Look who I ran into.” In less than four days, he has already amassed over 517,000 followers, a number that is certain to only grow larger.

Danica Patrick was also in the news this week because of her presence on Twitter. Unlike Earnhardt, Patrick is by no means a new member of the popular social media outlet having had her account for a while now. She made the news because it was earlier this week that she hit a million followers. Patrick currently has 1.02 million followers.

One cannot argue the fact that she has numerous critics. In fact, some of her biggest critics might just be the drivers she competes with every weekend. That being said, it also cannot be argued that she is one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR. Patrick’s legion of followers shows that she has a very strong and supportive fanbase.

In a world dominated by social media it only makes sense that two of NASCAR’s biggest names would be dominating Twitter.

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