NASCAR's Austin Dillon Doesn't Deserve Negative Chatter

By Dalton Keene
Photo Courtesy of Twitter @Will_ODonoghue

Rookie Austin Dillon is no rookie to NASCAR in general and he isn’t a rookie in awesome helmet owning either. Dillon is from the North Carolina area, so it is easy to figure out that he must be a Carolina Panthers fan.

Dillon is actually a huge Panthers fan; he is also a fan of the Atlanta Braves. On those Sundays where football reigns supreme, you’re most likely going to see your timeline filled with Panthers-related tweets from him; well, that’s if you even follow Dillon on twitter. If you don’t follow him, you should.

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media lately about how Dillon raced in his second Daytona 500 and his first race in the No. 3 car. The chatter has been more negative than positive; the only positive thing to pop up about him would be him owning the really awesome racing helmet pictured above that he wears when he is racing on dirt.

The negative chatter has been sort of bad, as people have said over and over again that he does not deserve the No. 3 or even a Sprint Cup Series ride. Those comments about him not even deserving a Sprint Cup Series ride are so crazy; Dillon is already a two-time NASCAR Champion at the ripe age of 23.

Dillon has so much more racing left in him, and he deserves everything he has, even if it is handed to him. He has earned that No. 3, and fans need to take notice of what he can do behind the wheel of a stock car and get behind him this season, as it could be one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time.

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