Stewart-Haas Racing Looking Good So Far In 2014 NASCAR Season

By Dalton Keene
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick and Danica Patrick sounds like an all-star cast that you would have on your NASCAR fantasy team. Well, this isn’t fantasy because they all came together as one and they have had an outstanding start to the 2014 Season.

Well, Patrick hasn’t really had an outstanding start. She’s had her fair share of struggles as usual. After the comments from Richard Petty, you would think she would have something to boost her a little. Every week, it seems like Patrick gets caught up in a little spin or cuts a tire, something that you don’t expect to happen.

Harvick had an alright Daytona 500 and an even better race at The Profit on CNBC 500. He came out on top in the second race of the year in dominating fashion. His car had a Jimmy John’s sponsor on it, and their slogan is “Freaky Fast” so it’s just a little ironic that his car was indeed “freaky fast”.

The commander-in-chief, Tony Stewart has ran exceptionally well. You shouldn’t expect  much from him early in the season though, as fall is about the time where he shows his true colors and starts to win races out of nowhere. Busch, the other guy that’s a part of the Stewart-Haas Racing Team, announced that he would run the Coca-Cola 600 and the Indy 500 so he and the race team has that going for them. At least they are in the news for good reasons and not bad ones.

Darrell Waltrip had a lot to say about the start to the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season for Stewart-Haas Racing, and he even commented on Patrick and her situation this year. He says that he can’t assess Danica yet, and he hopes that we haven’t seen the best of her. He also mentions that when drivers come in with high expectations and perceived potential but don’t live up to that immediately, sometimes they never do.

Stewart did the right thing in recruiting Harvick and Busch to his race team. It will pay off financially and competitively as Stewart-Haas Racing and their drivers will be sitting atop the leaderboards from now on.

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