Opening The Grille More Could Have Been a Fix to Knockout Qualifying

By Dalton Keene
Grille Openings
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Larry McReynolds is a well respected guy in the NASCAR circle. Recently, he gave his take to the media on an alternate modification to the current NASCAR qualifying process. He said:

“An alternative of simply taking tape off the grille sounds simple, but the three different manufacturer makes have three different grille openings, which would pose a bit of an advantage depending on the manufacturer. So, I could understand why that probably wasn’t even a consideration in NASCAR’s mind.”

McReynolds had a lot to say on the subject. The fixing of the knockout qualifying did in fact seem easy, but as you can tell from the quote, it wasn’t all that easy in the end.

The new format to knockout qualifying is a really good solution to a small problem that could have been huge this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway. It would have been even a bigger problem at Martinsville Speedway, so I am glad that it was fixed, and I’m sure the drivers are extremely happy with the tweaking to the format.

The grille opening idea from Larry McReynolds seems like a good fix. NASCAR found a better fix though. Most of the time, NASCAR gets it right, so let’s hope that they got it right with this one.

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