Tony Stewart Will Return To Form and Win A Race Very Soon In 2014

By Dalton Keene
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Tony Stewart has been around NASCAR for a while now, so there’s new and old Stewart fans. There’s tons of funny memes throughout the internet about him, and he’s a pretty well-respected guy in the garage. As I have stated before, champions get the respect they deserve.

Champions also return from injury and are somehow better than ever. Don’t count Stewart out yet. He’s slowly gaining his form back and I think he can win a race within the next eight weeks. That seems like such an odd amount of weeks, but hey, it’s just a guess, and an educated one at that.

Jeff Hammond says he doesn’t put too much blame on Stewart, and I don’t either. It’s not his fault that the cars aren’t all that can be this year. Here was exactly what Hammond said about Stewart’s performance in 2014:

“I won’t put too much blame on Tony. I still think his injury has him a bit disconnected as far as the new crew chief is concerned and getting everything like he needs. He said his leg was a little tender, especially at the end of these races He’ll get better as he goes along.”

Just like Hammond said, Stewart will get better as he goes along; his cars will also get better as they go along. Kevin Harvick figured it out in Phoenix, so I’m sure he shared some information with the boss man in order to get the boss man a victory in 2014.

Stewart historically runs well late in the year, but I believe he’ll get a few wins in the first half of the season. It may start this Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway, and then again, it may not. We will just have to see what Stewart-Haas Racing and all of their drivers and crew members bring to the table in the Food City 500.

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