Being A NASCAR Pit Road Reporter During A Rain Delay Isn't Easy

By Dalton Keene
Getty Images

You probably look at some jobs on TV and say “I can do that.” Well, being a NASCAR pit road reporter during a rain delay is a rather tough thing. You have to go and line up interviews to fill some time until the track dries up or until they get a word on if the race will continue or not. Krista Voda explained the hardest part of a rain delay for a pit road reporter:

“The uncertainty during a rain delay is difficult because pit reporter don’t know where we need to be at any given moment. It’s all contingent on where drivers decide to go. Am I grabbing a driver in the motorhome lot or on pit road? You don’t want to make a driver wait to talk to you, but you need to have an interview lined up when the both tosses to you.”

So there you have it folks. It’s not very easy being a pit road reporter. Sure, you get the access that no one else gets, but the things you have to do correctly can be tough sometimes. A rain delay makes your job a little harder. The good thing is that I have never seen Krista Voda conduct a boring interview. She’s doing something right, and it’s working.

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