NASCAR Fans Enjoy Rain Delays More Than Any Other Fanbase

By Dalton Keene
Getty Images

You’ve probably heard the song “Rain is a Good Thing”. You rarely ever hear anyone say they enjoy rain. Sports fans seem like one of the biggest haters of rain. Specifically, NASCAR fans have to deal with the race being stopped when it rains, but the programming is just as entertaining as a race. Sometimes, the rain delay programming is more enjoyable than the race itself. Fox Sports 1 NASCAR analyst and pit road reporter for NASCAR On Fox Steve Byrnes commented on the general popularity of NASCAR on Fox rain delay broadcasts:

“Years ago at Texas, we did a rain-fill broadcast that was the second highest rated sporting event of the weekend, thus creating our own monster. I knocked on a lot of motorhome doors of veteran drivers that day, asking them if my FOX crew could come in to dry off. They’d say ‘no’ and shut the door in my face.”

Byrnes wasn’t the only guy to cause a little mischief that day, Matt Yocum and Kevin Harvick toilet-papered Darrell Waltrip‘s bus that afternoon. Fans wanted to see their favorite driver, so that led Byrnes and Yocum to go around interviewing all of the popular drivers at the track that day. A lot of their pets got some air time also. Drivers’ kids were seen on camera a bunch, as rain delays are a great time for the drivers to spend time with their family. You may hate the rain when you’re taking a walk or something, but when it starts raining during a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, expect some quality entertainment and prepare to laugh a lot more than you would while watching the race. Dalton Keene is a NASCAR writer for, you can follow him on twitter @daltonjkeene and add him to your circles on Google.

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