Jeff Hammond Says Tire Issues May Show Ugly Face Again at Track Too Tough To Tame

By Dalton Keene
Jeff Hammond
Getty Images

Tire issues have always been, well, an issue at Darlington Raceway. The track too tough to tame has historically been terrible on tires. With this year’s tire issues I see a lot of problems arising this weekend for some NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams.

Along with tires being a problem some tempers may  flare: we may see a little more of Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski going at it. We could see a little Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon action, who knows. All I know is that the tire issues will be something to watch for all weekend long.

NASCAR On Fox Analyst and Legendary Crew Chief Jeff Hammond knows tires, Jeff Hammond knows NASCAR and Jeff Hammond knows how to tame the track too tough to tame. Well that last part may not be so true but I do know the truth of Jeff Hammond commenting on tires being an issue this weekend at Darlington:

Fortunately, Darlington’s track surface is not as rough as Fontana’s. But it’s abrasive to the tires, although not as much as it used to be. Teams still must be conscientious with tire management and aware of the fact they need left-side tire grip. If they work the tires too hard, they might give up the handling on the car. Because of increased downforce, tires are at more of a premium than ever before this year.”

Jeff Hammond also mentioned how drivers this year are having to think about tires more than years past. He says that back in the old days that was how it was on the race track every weekend. Maybe tire issues are good for the sport — I don’t believe they are, but hey it’s Jeff Hammond who most of the time knows what the deal is and what is best.

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