Could Dale Earnhardt Jr. Be Next To Get Second Win Of The 2014 Season?

By Dalton Keene
Dale Jr. Richmond
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Having two wins early in a year in the current style of points will be huge for any driver. Kevin Harvick has already accomplished the feat. Well, it’s not exactly a feat, but you know, it’s a big deal to know you have a place in the Chase at the end of the year.

Any driver can win on any given Sunday or Saturday night. It takes a true physic to predict the winner of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Darrell Waltrip took a shot at being a physic in some comments he made about who he believes could get their second win of the season really soon:

“With five top-three finishes in eight races, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had consistency. He could have won Las Vegas if he hadn’t run out of gas. He finished second at Darlington, so I look for him to get another win. Kyle Busch could get it done this weekend at Richmond, too.”

Consistency is a big deal in NASCAR. With consistency, you have confidence, and with confidence you have success. Earnhardt Jr. has been near the front it seems like every lap of every race; whether he’s talked about or not, you see him tussling with the lead cars.

Same goes for Busch. Busch being second on the all-time combined series wins list always makes him a favorite to win if there is no real favorite. Next week at Talladega Superspeedway, you can easily root for or put money on Busch and Earnhardt Jr., as both of them should run up near the front and both should be really fast.

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