Carl Edwards' Flip At Talladega Still One Of The Worst Wrecks Ever

By Dalton Keene
Carl Edwards Flip
Getty Images

Most people watch NASCAR just for the wrecks. Sometimes wrecks are hard to watch, especially ones like Carl Edwards‘ flip at Talladega Superspeedway in 2009. The wreck sent Edwards into the fence flipping wildy. A few people in the stands were hurt by parts and debris flying off of the car.

There was even a few stories of a tire flying up about 30 rows and landing in the lap of a man, which is hard to believe. The car of Edwards didn’t go that high, but it did do a lot of damage to the fence.

Some say that Brad Keselowski turned Carl Edwards into the wall on purpose. As most of you remember, the big story in NASCAR then was the rivalry between Keselowski and Edwards. Rivalries are good for NASCAR most of the time, but the rivalry between Keselowski and Edwards wasn’t really good for anyone.

It wasn’t good because of the carnage they caused. Keselowski’s dad was even involved in the drama. There was no official word, but maybe Edwards’ dad was involved in the drama and rivalry too. Edwards turned Keselowski into the wall at Atlanta not long after that. I still believe there is some friction between the two, but luckily no one has been hurt in any wreck that they may or may have not caused on purpose.

Talladega isn’t really a track to get back at someone since the speeds are so fast. That doesn’t mean you won’t see any drama though. Look out for drama pertaining to Marcos Ambrose and Casey Mears as they prepare for this weekend’s Aarons 499.

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