Punishment Was Not Needed for Marcos Ambrose or Casey Mears

By Dalton Keene
Marcos Ambrose
Getty Images

I honestly don’t even know what to think about this. I personally did not think NASCAR would have fined or punished Marcos Ambrose or Casey Mears for their litttle incident after the Toyota Owners 400.

As much as I like to be, I’m not right all the time. NASCAR handed down fines and probation to both drivers. Ambrose was fined $25,000, and Mears received a $15,000 fine for his involvement. It seems like NASCAR kind of got it backward there. Ambrose basically provoked the punch from the fist of Ambrose.

If I was going to fine both drivers for fighting after a race, I’d give a larger fine to the driver who made contact with the other driver first, which in this situation would have been Mears.

As I said above, I did not think NASCAR would fine the drivers. I thought NASCAR liked this kind of stuff because after the smoke clears, you will see the punch on highlight reels and TV shows that are endorsed and created by NASCAR.

I know fans like this kind of stuff; some drivers even like fighting after a race. Violence isn’t always the answer, but no one was really hurt. It was just a punch, nothing serious. It certainly wasn’t a punch that should cost anyone $25,000.

I have not heard if either driver will appeal their punishments; it is a possibility that both drivers will. No race team or driver wants to just hand over that much money for a not-so-serious fight. I don’t even know if we should really call it a fight; what I do know, though, is that it was entertaining and I wanted to see more after it was over.

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