DJ Many is Becoming a NASCAR Driver

By Timothy Downs
DJ Many Twitter
DJ Many Twitter

It’s official: DJ Many is becoming a NASCAR driver.

DJ Many is known for his trademarked ‘Tiger Hat’ look, but he is a man of many hats. He is a celebrity DJ, recording artist, producer and songwriter specializing in Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop, R&B and EDM. Many got his start on internet radio at the tender age of 13, and then became an audio production intern in radio as a 15 year old for WYAC-FM 93.5 St.Croix, Virgin Islands.

By the time he was 16 years old, he had ascended the ladder and was the star disc jockey of the No. 1 drive-time radio show on WSTX-FM 100.3. It was during this time that he used his earnings to acquire his own DJ equipment so that he could start honing his craft. In 2011, he got his break playing his Xbox—where he met multi-platinum artist Soulja Boy on Xbox Live. The popular rapper asked him to DJ for his SODMG label. He worked with Soulja Boy on many projects and live-events before leaving the record label in the winter of 2012.

In 2012, many was contacted by Rohan Marley, the son of the late great reggae legend Bob Marley, to endorse the ‘House of Marley’ and ‘Marley Coffee’ products which led to DJ Many becoming a brand ambassador for many other brands and products. Currently, DJ Many resides in Kansas City where he is Ranked #1 By BuzzFeed for his immensely popular Twitter following and #1 DJ in the area on music analytic site ReverbNation.

While DJ Many has experience working in the studio with artists such as Sleepy Brown (of Outkast fame) along with Academy Award-winning Three 6 Mafia on musical collaborations, he is most alive when performing on stage in front of a live crowd. For him, the feeling is like nothing else, “Performing on stage is a humbling experience for me — everyone’s watching you. You get all this energy. It’s like another world of pure happiness.”

Now, entering his early twenties as his own manager, DJ Many controls his own destiny, and is ready to embark on another new adventure. After carefully planning the endeavor, and working out some kinks over the past few months, it has finally come to fruition: he’s becoming a NASCAR driver!

Yes, you read that correctly. DJ Many is becoming a NASCAR driver, and he’s 100 percent committed to the process. Many’s even employed the services of NASCAR driver Patrick Staropoli as a trainer.

Staropoli had nothing but nice things to say about Many when we asked about how this project is coming along:

“I think the reason DJ Many and I hit it off is because we both juggle a lot of varied interests but have serious goals for each thing we pursue. When he told me he wanted to race, and he backed it up with the energy, enthusiasm, and research of someone who genuinely wants to do it – I got psyched. I’ve been fortunate to race for 12 years and win on every level I’ve competed on, but I haven’t had the opportunity to mentor someone from the start. We’ve talked a lot about the level he should begin on, a few of his driving experiences already, and what the career trajectory will look like as he progresses, but I can’t wait to put on a headset and coach him 1-on-1 in the next few months.”

Many believes he can make a difference by opening up eyes in the African-American community, showing that NASCAR racing is an all-inclusive sport.

Make sure to follow Many on Twitter so you can further track his journey.

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