2010 could be a giant roster shift for Bulls

By chrisrundell

[picappgallerysingle id=”199348″]John Paxson has some huge decisions in front of him.  A few of them go like: What kind of player do the Bulls need?  Who on the  Bulls current roster can they  do without?  Should they make moves for key players for next year’s team now or wait for free agency?

Lets answer a few of these.

What they need

The Bulls need a superstar.  A player who will put up consistent big numbers whether it be a big man in the paint or a shooting guard or small forward who will match up well with Derrick Rose in the back court.  Looking at the players who will be free agents in the summer, Chris Bosh or Lebron James would be every ones’ top recruits.  David Lee and Andre Iguodala would be nice fits as well.

Players to get rid of

[picappgallerysingle id=”4693566″]Tyrus Thomas has shown the Bulls got the wrong end of the 2006 draft day trade when they gave the Portland Trail Blazers LaMarcus Aldrige for him.  He hasn’t played to the potential management thought he had.  Plus,  he starts problems in the locker room and argues with Vinny Del Negro.

[picappgallerysingle id=”7613817″]Kirk Hinrich has been a good player for the Bulls.  He puts up decent numbers and makes players better.  Paxson has done everything he could to keep him, but the time to trade him is now.  After this season, he will have two years left on his contract worth 17 million.  His play is not worth that kind of money.  Rose is doing everything he can but does it better.  The Bulls have been starting Hinrich and Rose together, it doesn’t work.  They both try to do the same things.  Hinrich should be used to get an expiring contract or trade him for a decent back up guard to Rose.

[picappgallerysingle id=”4625593″]John Salmons is streaky to say the least.  One night he will put up 25 points and the next day he puts up 12.  We got him in a trade from the Sacramento Kings at the end of the season.  He gave the Bulls a boost and helped them get to the playoffs.  But lets face it,  he is not going to be a part of the Bulls future plans.  Salmons is 3rd or fourth option on a squad with little scoring power.  Next year, the Bulls owe him 5.8 million dollars.  They could use the money for free agency or a more consistent scorer.

Moves now or wait

The Bulls should make money moves now, not long term big player moves.  They should make moves to get rid of the big contracts like Hinrichs.  Espn’s Chad Ford posted a trade rumor I really liked.  Send Hinrich to the Lakers for Jordan Farmar, Adam Morrison and Josh Powell.  Farmar would be a perfect back up for Rose and an instant scoring spark plug of the bench.  Morrison doesn’t do anything but shoot and Powell never developed, good thing both of them have expiring salaries.  Keep Farmar and drop the other two, great deal for the Bulls.  The Lakers would win in this trade too.  Previously mentioned, Hinrich is a decent player.  Derek Fisher is getting old and probably ready to retire soon.  Bring in Hinrich off the bench giving him a role to lead the 2nd team until Fisher calls it quits.

[picappgallerysingle id=”7436577″]This deal would give them a solid back up at the point and extra spending money for the off season.

Another similar deal Ford stated would involve Thomas and Salmons.  Send those two players to the San Antonio Spurs for Matt Bonner, Roger Mason and Michael Finley who all have expiring contracts. Chicago would also get the draft rights to Tiago Splitter.  Thomas can’t get along with coaches and he hasn’t brought much to the team anyway.  Salmons, mentioned before, is extremely streaky.

This trade would simply be to get rid of Thomas and the expiring contracts.  The trade would be bad for the rest of this season.  Mason had a solid second half of last season playing for the injured Tony Parker but hasn’t done anything this year.  Bonner isn’t a player the Bulls need and Finley should retire.

This trade wouldn’t take it’s affect until the off-season.  It is repeating itself over and over again, but this trade would work for free agency.  The expiring contracts would mean more money to spend on James, Bosh and all the other players who could make the Bulls a contender.

The Bulls should make moves now.  They are not going to land a big name player by the trade deadline on Thursday.  However, picking up expiring contracts by getting rid of Bulls who are not a piece to the contender puzzle is a great idea.  Hinrich, has been good to Chicago, but this is the best time to get rid of his huge 17 million contract.

Is there any trades better than Chad Ford’s trade options???

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