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Chicago Bulls- Are you Serious?

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Dear Chicago Bulls,

What is going on?  The fate of a playoff birth is in your grasp but you lose to the 11 (now 12) win New Jersey Nets in double overtime 127-116?  How can a basketball fan pick the Bulls as a favorite team if the fans don’t get anything back, like getting a chance to see them make the post season.

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The Bulls have talent.  You got five guys who can get 20 points on any night in Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, Brad Miller and Ronald Murray.  Hinrich and Rose can dish the ball real well.  Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah are great re-bounders and decent low post defenders.  The starting lineup is solid and there are a few bench players like Murray, Miller and Hakim Warrick who play valuable minutes.  Why can’t they beat the Nets?

If the Bulls would have won the game, your in the eighth spot in the eastern conference playoff race, but instead the Raptors and Bulls are still tied but the Raptors have an easier schedule.  The Nets were the only non-playoff team remaining on the Bulls three game schedule.

Does Vinny Del Negro know what defense is? There was absolutely no help defense in the low post.  The rotations looked slow and sloppy.  The Net’s Brook Lopez and Yi Jianlian were doing whatever they wanted, including demoralizing dunks in the two overtime periods.  Rookie Terrence Williams averages eight points a game, not against the Bull’s defense.  He dropped a career high 27 points in this game.

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I gave Del Negro the benefit of the doubt when he took the team over, now,  he needs to be fired.  He can’t get his players to play for him.  The offense doesn’t have a flow at all.  Shooters just chuck the ball up, hoping it goes in or Gibson and Noah will grab the Offensive board.  When the shots are not falling and an opponent has solid re-bounders, the Bulls will go long stretches of time without scoring.  This can’t happen if you want to get into the playoffs.

Playoffs……..yeah, I don’t know if it will happen.  Honestly,  I don’t think you want it.  A post season birth was gifted wrapped with a bow.  All you had to do was beat the awful Nets, nope.  Yesterday,  I was excited after the win against Cleveland.  I thought we were destined to make the cut.  Nope.  Now we have to play the Raptors, Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats.

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Obviously the game will mean a lot to the Raptors.  Fortunately,  Bosh won’t be in uniform because a face fracture.  Then again, we couldn’t beat the Nets, so how could I think the Bulls could beat the Raptors.  Beating Boston is probably not going to happen and Charlotte has clenched a playoff spot for the first time in franchise history.

The Bulls are going against too much.  They have three difficult games and have to pray the Raptors lose their last two games against Detroit and New York.  I’m usually optimistic, but with what I just seen,  I have no reason to hope anymore.


An Extremely Aggravated Fan

Your Favorites
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