The Doug Collins Mystique

By lloydtrader2

As a player Doug Collins was as intense as they come. His competitive spirit was always on display during his 8 year NBA career. Doug Collins turned to coaching after his playing career was over, making a couple stops in college before landing the Chicago Bulls job.

Doug Collins started coaching for the Chicago Bulls in 1986. Coach Collins had the luxury of coaching a young Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The party did not last long because Collins was fired after three seasons. Phil Jackson was his replacement.

Doug Collins quickly moved on to coach the Detroit Pistons for three season where he coached Allan Houston and Grant Hill. However, once again Collins was fired again, after three seasons and replaced by Alvin Gentry.

Each time Doug Collins was replaced, each time Collins found himself back in television calling the game with Marv Albert or Kevin Harlin.

When Michael Jordan came out of retirement in 2001 the first person he called was Doug Collins. Naturally , Doug Collins excepted the job and the Washington Wizards kept on losing with Collins at the helm.

Doug Collins coaching record is 332 wins and 287 losses. That is a .536 winning percentage. Coach Collins record in the playoffs is 15 wins and 23 losses. That percentage is .395. All of this took place within 8 years of coaching three NBA teams.

The Bulls and the Pistons are the only 2 teams that Collins had a winning record as a head coach. The Wizards job in DC was a disaster.

So what is it about Doug Collins that has every team in the NBA calling him season after season. Doug Collins has been offered everything under the sun. Collins has been offered General Manager jobs as well as head of player operations and head coach. Collins has been on numerous interviews with NBA basketball teams for years.

The Philadelphia 76ers will need all of head coach Doug Collins patience and knowledge in order to succeed. Collins can really help some of the young players on this team like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.

The question that lingers is, will Doug Collins last more than 3 season with the 76ers?

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