76ers and Evan Turner Agree To Terms

By lloydtrader2

The Philadelphia 76ers and Evan Turner have agreed to terms. Evan Turner will receive 12 million dollars over three years. The 76ers have the option on the fourth year of Evan Turner’s the rookie contract.

In the first year of Evan Turner’s contract, he will receive 3,835,600 dollars. In year two of the contract Turner will make 4,123,200 dollars and 4,410,900 in the third year of the deal.

Now with the deal behind them the 76ers will have to work their prize rookie into rotation.

Evan Turner has not looked good thus far in the summer league for the 76ers. Turner will have to learn how to make better decisions with the basketball in the open court.

Playing shooting guard in the NBA can be difficult at times. The 76ers have not had many shooting guards that other teams have feared.

Allen Iverson was a unique shooting guard for the 76ers. Iverson lacked size, but he nade up for that with incredible quickness and speed.

The other shooting guard who played at the top of his game all of the time was Andrew Toney. Andrew Toney was a pure shooter. Toney was a relentless scorer for the 76ers. Andrew Toney’s career was cut short due to foot injuries.

Evan Turner will have to be a combination of Iverson and Toney in order to succeed as a 2 guard in the NBA.

Head coach Doug Collins has a lot experience with teaching young shooting guards the position.

Just remember Head Coach Doug Collins helped a young Michael Jordan when he was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

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