The Hawks are silently making moves. Will Shaquille O’Neal become a Hawk?

The off-season has already been crazy for the NBA, we all know the big moves by Miami.  Only, the Hawks are making a splash too, might not be a hour long ESPN special kind-of- splash, but the Hawks are getting into the water.

The Hawks recently signed Joe Johnson to a max contract.  Drafted Jordan Crawford, who played his first summer league game shooting 40% from the field, scoring 16 points along with 5 assist.  Hawks got rid of the 27-year-old Josh Childress, in exchange for a  second round draft pick in 2012.  However, Atlanta is not finished yet and still can add some pieces to the pie with some big names.  The Hawks, have been talking with three time Finals MVP Shaquille O’Neal.  Landing O’Neal may boost the inside, which was clearly lacking against Dwight Howard in last years playoffs.  Also, there have been discussions to bring in Carmelo Anthony, who is not getting along with Denver’s front office and needs a fresh start to his career.  Anthony, can provide another scoring option to Johnson, and open the floor for his teammates. Carmelo, Shaq, and Johnson may be the answer against the Heat’s Wade, Bron, and Bosh.  We will see how this week, plays out.  What we learned so far, that the Hawks are making big time moves getting big time players.

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  • Matt

    How on earth would we be able to acquire Melo and where did you hear this?

  • tlkool1

    I think if the atlanta hawks can get Carmelo Anthony and Shaquille O’neal they become the NEW UNDISPUTED #1 team in the NBA and the WORLD , plain and simple they become the NEW AMERICA’S DREAM TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That would be crucial. That could definitely be the Eastern finals:Hawks vs Heat

  • kris.gordon

    Right now they are just talking…but of course to sign Melo moves must be made…I have heard a few scenarios but the one that intrigues me the most is moving Marvin Williams along with their 2012 draft pick for. This can clear up some cap room remember the trade must be within 20% of the contracts As long as Melo is on the blocks anything can happen. The Hawks strongly want to compete, not just sell tickets. So, dont be surprised if they make a move for Melo

  • hawksfan

    thats a nice fairy tale, ain’t gona happen and yeah where are you getting your info from

  • Demetric

    If we can get Melo by trading marvin Williams and bibby with some draft picks…..DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT

  • l.bolden

    please give me something to tawk about.