Evan Turner Makes A Splash

By lloydtrader2

When Evan Turner walks into a room, people stare and ask questions. He is smooth and well spoken for a guy that is the tender age of 21. Fans were lined up around the block to get a glimpse of the 76ers newest rookie.

Evan Turner was a major hit at the 76ers Summer Bash in Avalon New Jersey. The 76ers annual charity event turned into the Evan Turner meet and greet event.

Evan Turner smiled for the camera as kids of all ages flocked to touch and grab him. At 6 foot 7 Evan Turner is a young man on a mission. ” I know I did not play well in Orlando over the summer. I felt out of place. I have been working on my game everyday since. I can’t wait until the season starts, so I can work with my team-mates” said by Evan Turner.

Doug Collins and his staff have been working with all of his players over the summer. The 76ers will need Evan Turner to step his game quickly if they want to compete.

The fans listened to his every  word as Evan Turner addressed the 76ers faithful. Their has not been a 76er in recent history who was this polished and this friendly, as a person. Turner looks like Clark Kent when he wears his glasses. Let’s see if he turns into Superman when called upon for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Evan Turner is a stand up guy. The 76ers will need him to stand up and be accountable when the season starts.

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