Can't Forget about the Athletic

By chrisrundell published a unique top 5: Rappers who can actually ball.

I grew up on rap/hip hop and watch most celebrity games to see who has game, so, I liked their idea.

Here is their top five

  • Master P
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Cam’ron
  • Game
  • Lil’ Romeo

There is one problem, they forgot the most talented and athletic rap artist.

[picappgallerysingle id=”1190184″]

Every time Nelly is in a celebrity basketball game he is an option for MVP, the man can hoop. He has speed, strength, can handle the ball and can shoot.

Plus, he is the most athletic rapper. Not only can he hoop, but he plays in baseball and football games as well. In 2009, he hit a home run in the MLB celebrity game at all-star weekend.

I like Unathletic’s list, but Nelly has to be on there. My suggestion would be to take off Cam’ron and add him. I like Killa but all the rest are better than him. On the other hand, if this was the starting lineup for a game tomorrow, I’d boot Snoop because of his age.

Which rappers would be in your starting five?

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