Who's The Greatest Philadelphia 76er Player

By lloydtrader2

This past weekend one of the greatest 76er’s stood on the podium at the Hall of Fame smiling and laughing. Sir Charles Barkley was in attendance at the Hall of Fame with the 1992 Dream Team. The Dream Team was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Their are some 76ers fans out their who think Charles Barkley is the greatest player in the franchise history.  Barkley is without a doubt the greatest power forward in 76ers history.

But, before you start to debate who is the greatest player think about the list that was compilled in 1998. The 50 greatest players in NBA history was on display for all to see.

Their were 4 76ers on that list. Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest center to ever play the game. Julius Erving may be the most beautiful player to ever play the game. Charles Barkley was without a doubt one of the most forceful to play. Moses Malone is also on the list even though he was not a 76er for a long time. Moses Malone is still a fan favorite because he lead the 76ers to the NBA title in 1983.

However, Allen Iverson has to be mentioned in this conversation even though he was left off of the list. Iverson was in his 3rd season when the list was compiled.

Allen Iverson will go down as one of the greatest scorers to ever play the game. At 5 foot 11 Iverson could run the floor at a speed that has never been seen before. Iverson was relentless on the offensive end his entire career. No other 76er in the history of the franchise has been responsible for so many sell outs. Iverson’s talent sold out the area every night he laced up his sneakers.

Dr. J was exciting and graceful. The 76ers went from basement dwellers to title contenders the day Dr. J arrived in 1976. Dr. J brought so much elegance and style to the NBA. The 76ers and their fans will never forget Dr. J forays to the basket. The finger roll was artistic and breathless to watch.

Wilt the Stilt changed the game. The NBA was not ready for Wilt when he arrived in 1959. Wilt changed the game with his power, length, and athletism. The basketball court is 94 feet because of Wilt the Stilt. The foul line area is wider because of Chamberlain.

Charles Barkley stood 6 foot 4 and weighed about 290lbs. Barkley was in deed a freak of nature when he played. The 76ers have not had a power forward like Sir Charles. Barkley could run the floor like a deer in the woods. However, when he went to the rim no body got in his way.

Iverson, Chamberlain, Erving, and Barkley. Who is the best Philadelphia 76er play of all-time. Let the debate begin.

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