Why Trading Jamal Crawford might actually help the Hawks

April 30, 2010 Milwaukee, WI. Bradley Center..Atlanta Hawks Jamal Crawford brings the ball up the court, Crawford had 24 points against the Bucks tonight..Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Atlanta Hawks 69-83, in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2010 NBA Playoffs. The Series is now tied at 3-3. Mike McGinnis/CSM.ESPN reports Jamal Crawford is seeking a due to contract disputes. Crawford wants more money, and the Hawks are not listening. Crawford provided the spark to the Hawks off the bench, however trading Crawford might actually help improve them. The Hawks should look Denver’s way, and try to get Carmelo Anthony. Adding Anthony can help, Joe Johnson around the perimeter making them a stronger team. Also by trading Jamal Crawford, this gives Jordon Crawford more playing time and room to grow. So, lets hope the Hawks front office takes this opportunity to make the Hawks stronger,to make up for a weak off-season.

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  • Josh

    You’re insane! Denver would never do this deal!! A more likely scenario to write about would be trading for Billups.

  • kris.gordon

    Why would the Hawks get Billups. Hawks already enough Guards, they are really small. The Hawks can give up Marvin Williams and Jamal Crawford and a Draft pick. Melo wants out of Denver, Melo is in his last year of his contract and Denver is going to want to get something for him.

  • Hawksmakenoise

    That makes absolutely no sense to get Billups. He’s older and he’s a guard. Why would you want to get more guards? The hawks need more small forwards if anything.

    • kris.gordon

      Exactly the point i was trying to make

  • Hawksmakenoise

    Right. I think Jordan Crawford was a good pick up by the Hawks. They just need to focus on getting another SF, because Mo Evans isn’t exactly a great back up. They also need a center. They really screwed up with giving Joe that huge contract. He has to definitely put up some double doubles upcoming season to prove that he deserved that contract.

  • kris.gordon

    Yes, Jordan Crawford is looking to pan out well for the Hawks. However like you said they need to get bigger and better inside, as well on the perimeter. They need another dynamic scorer, I think they are hoping Josh Smith expands his game. In the Motion Offense Josh Smith will get opportunities. As for Joe, it was either get Joe Johnson, or nothing. The Hawks knew if they didn’t resign Johnson, the front office will be in shambles. They knew they couldn’t get a Marquee free agent this year, so they maxed out Johnson. lets hope he earns his money this year.

  • Hawksmakenoise

    Oh. I understand that. He’s one of the top 5 SGs in the league. I don’t mind Joe Johnson coming back, but I am thinking as Wade, LeBron, and Bosh are. They really want a ring, so they made sacrifices with a pay cut. Need I remind you that those players are way better than Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson seems to be contradicting his self as far as wanting that ring. In order to get that ring, you have to sacrifice some things. He didn’t deserve that big contract considering the display in the playoffs and he’s just a bit over average, but not a superb player. We are good with the 1 and 2 positions, but as far as the 3 and 5 positions, it’s no win situation.

    • kris.gordon

      I dont think he is in the top 5. Nor do i think he has the talent caliber the same as Wade or Lebron. He is just a good player kind of like Glen Rice or Allen Houston. And exactly he is going to have to sacrifice if he wants a ring. The Hawks need a 3 and a 5 like you said. Hopefully, they can pull off this deal and get Melo

  • Phillip Jones

    Denver would never go for that.

    Maybe if we gave them Crawford, Marvin and a first rounder they might think about also consider there is no assurance that Melo would stay if traded here, I mean would you want to play for ASG?

    • kris.gordon

      Phillip your absolutely right about playing for ASG. However what the Hawks have is a great city…ATLANTA. Along with talented individuals. With Carmelo added we can battle the likes of Miami, and the Celtics. Right now we can’t. So what would have to happen is the Hawks open up Atlanta to Carmelo, thats how we make sure he stays. I mean would you rather live in Denver or Atlanta lol.

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  • Yusef

    In my opinion I think the Hawks should actually trade Marvin Williams for a ligament 7 footer and put Bibby on the bench,he will actually be better off the bench. Give Teague the starting role at point guard also keep Crawford, Jamal as the sixth man. I grantee more production.

    Hawks starting 5 Bench

    PG Teague, Jeff Bibby, Mike
    SG Johnson, Joe Crawford, Jamal Crawford, Jordan
    C Erick Dampier Pachulia, Zaza Collins, Jason
    SF Smith, Josh Evans, Maurice Sy, Pape
    PF Horford, Al Powell, Josh

    Thats production!