Do the Atlanta Hawks want to WIN??

By krisgordon

The buzz around town, is that The Atlanta Spirit Group do not what they are doing. Business wise, or front office wise, and there is growing speculation of actually selling the Atlanta Hawks. But lets focus on the Hawks as a team. What separates the Lakers, Celtics, Orlando, and Chicago are those organizations are spending money, to improve their team. May 10, 2010 - Atlanta, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES - epa02151729 Just a few Atlanta Hawks fans arrived up early for Game 4 against the Orlando Magic in their Eastern Conference semifinal round NBA playoff basketball game at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on 10 May 2010. The Hawks made it to the second round of the play-offs, but clearly underachieved and it starts with the roster. What did the Hawks do? Fire Coach Mike Woodson, and give Joe Johnson a max contract. Then they hired Larry Drew, a cheap solution to Mike Woodson, and refuse to give Jamal Crawford a contract extension. When Kobe wanted to win, the Lakers grabbed Gasol and Odom, when Wade stated his frustration; well you know what happened. So why not the Hawks? Since he is the franchise player, why doesn’t Joe Johnson make some rumbling noise, for some action to take place. The Atlanta Spirit Group are treating the franchise like a McDonalds. Put out a product, over sell it, make money, then cut your losses. Winning is not in their equation. So they say they want to sell the team. I say let them. Find an organization, who wants to win and doesn’t mind spending money for quality players. Another man’s trash is a city’s treasure. Quite frankly, its time for the Hawks to add a ring to the chest. [poll id=”5″]

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