Boton Celtics Von Wafer Is Winning The Final Roster Spot

[picappgallerysingle id="3036803"]Tuesday was very significant. Doc Rivers tipped his hat as to who was leading the battle for the final roster spot. Von Wafer started and played 38 minutes. Doc Rivers started him and this means he clearly has the edge. He also scored 11 points. He drove the lane well and shot 3-11. His defense was solid as well. This was easily better than his two adversaries.  

            Stephane Lasme played 28 minutes, but was not impressive defensively. He did hit all three of his shots. If his job was to wow the staff and move ahead of Wafer, he failed because that did not happen. Mario West only played seven minutes and scored 4 points. The bottom line is expecting both men to be cut barring a miracle is not a stretch.

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  • celtsfan

    I can see you are probably right about what Doc is thinking, but I have to say that Lasme has looked better to me both in effort and ability. Lasme seems to play with some of the effort and intensity of Leon Powe and I enjoyed seeing the good work ethic. I’d like to keep them both :-).

  • rob.nelson

    I agree. I like Lasme, but I believe with a tight roster Wafer will be the man.

  • Steve From Milford

    Actually I disagree with the meaning of the start and the time. So far Von Wafer has shown nothing. I think Doc wants to see if he can get him going. And frankly, with what he did for the amount of time, I found him very unimpressive. Of course they do have the option of sending Lasme to the NBDL due to the new agreement there.

    • rob.nelson

      You may be right Steve. He has been trying to motivate Wafer. the problem is up until this point, the guys pushing him have not had enough talent to go with the hustle to supplant him.

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