Sixers First Preseason “Win”

By micahbirdsong

The Sixers could have injected some much needed enthusiasm into their fan base following the off-season changes by getting off to a promising start in the preseason.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  The hometown team started a bleak 0-3, until last night that is. 

The team finally got out of the loss column with a win over the Boston Celtics.  That’s right, I said the Boston Celtics.  Wait! Did you think I meant the defending Eastern Conference Champion Boston Celtics?  That would have been nice but, no.  The C’s played without the services of Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Delonte West, Kevin Garnett or Shaquille O’Neal.  So basically, even though they beat the Celtics – they really didn’t beat the Celtics.  In fact, the Sixers needed to stage a comeback in the second half in order to secure the win.

There were some bright spots, however.  The Sixers received mentionable contributions from the prospective bench, namely Jason Kapono (12 pts) and Marreese Speights (19 pts).  It was pleasantly surprising that the Sixers finished 10 for 12 from the 3-point line.  For you non-math whizzes out there, that is 30 points from long range.  That is quite impressive for a team that has struggled from behind the arc as of late.

Next up on the preseason schedule is an away game for the Sixers starting tonight at 7 PM.  The opponents are the Toronto Raptors.  Don’t be nervous.  In case you haven’t heard they HAD a star player named Chris Bosh who went to some team in south Florida.  The Miami Heat, I think.

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