The Carmelophant in the Room

By micahbirdsong

The is reporting a source that states, among other things, that Carmelo Anthony still wants to be traded (even though he hasn’t officially stated that) and that it is unlikely Carmelo would approve a deal to Philadelphia.

This tells us a couple of things.  First, the rumors that were vehemently denied by the Sixers brass were in fact true.  It was rumored that the Sixers offered Andre Iguodala, some  young players and expiring contracts for Melo.  When there is smoke, there is fire.  Of course, until the deal is complete the Sixers have to deny it.  If they acknowledge that they tried to trade their star player and failed, the rest of the season would be somewhat awkward.

Second, it speaks to the desirability of playing in Philadelphia.  The team is frankly, not that good.  We do have some young potential but it doesn’t appear we are on the cusp of anything except a mediocre season.  If Melo is searching for a championship, it is probably not in the near future for the Sixers.

Not many teams can compete with the endorsement potential of being in or right outside of New York City.  So if more money is the motivation, that is strike two.

His reluctance may also point to the perception that Philadelphia media and fans are thankless pessimists whose favorite pastime is to boo its stars.  A certain subsection of those two groups has earned Philly that reputation and unfortunately nationally that is the perception.  It is not helpful when trying to woo a star who has almost complete control of his trade destination.

I know it is a long shot but, we can dream can’t we?  Ticket sales would skyrocket if the Sixers were to trade for Anthony, even if it were just for a single year.  A responsible GM or team President would tell you that it doesn’t make sense to mortgage your future for a one year lease.  But how sweet would it be to see Anthony scoring 30 every night for Philadelphia!  It would be a feeling that we haven’t felt since 2001 to enter into the playoffs expecting to win a series.  We probably would lose him after one season or potentially we could convince him to stick around.  You never know.

Ok, I am waking up now.

Bottom line is, even though no one is actively stating it in public, Carmelo Anthony wants to move.  In order to get some value in his departure, the Nuggets have to trade him instead of letting him walk.  Last but not least, Philly is not going to be where he lands.

Back to reality.

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