Philadelphia 76ers Win Final Preseason Game

By micahbirdsong

The Philadelphia 76ers have ended the preseason on a positive note by defeating the New York Knicks 118-91.  The Sixers took advantage of the opposition’s lack of personnel available for tonight’s action namely, Amare Stoudemire, Danilo Gallinari, Eddie Curry and Wilson Chandler.  Nearly everyone on Philadelphia’s roster was available and logged time with the exception of Spencer Hawes who is suffering from a lower back strain.

We can tip our hat to the following participants who played well:

The starting five.  Jason Kapono scored 20 and was 4 of 7 from beyond the arc.  Tony Battie registered 9 rebounds in just 16 minutes.  Andre Iguodala logged 20 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.  Jrue Holiday posted 10 points, 11 assists and 5 rebounds.

Elton Brand must have been reading my posts.  He finally made an imprint on the glass with 11 boards.  Elton complimented those boards with 16 points.  If we could get that action from him every night then I might concede that he is worth the contract that he is currently playing under.

There is no need to get too excited here as the competition level was obviously inferior but, it has been that way all preseason and the Sixers as a team haven’t posted numbers even close to this.

I don’t want to be overly critical in a win, albeit a preseason win, but there is one striking negative here.

Evan Turner was drafted to be a shooting guard but has largely received playing time at the point since he is struggling with the adjustment to the NBA game.  These things take time, I know, but I can’t help but notice that the player chosen before him (John Wall) and the player chosen soon after him (DeMarcus Cousins) seem to be adjusting quite well.  Of course, one or both of those players could take a turn for the worse at any time and Evan Turner may turn it around and be the Brandon Roy-esque player that we all envisioned.  But numbers like tonight, 19+ minutes, 0 points and 3 turnovers, don’t exactly give much reason for optimism.  As a Sixers fan, I really really hope that he improves and can be a stud on this team.

The Philadelphia 76ers can do no more but practice until opening night, October 27th at the Wells Fargo Center.  The Sixers will be tested immediately against Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Miami Heat.  We will either see exactly what we expected or be pleasantly surprised.

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