The Greg One returns

By gregwilliams

In the immortal words of The Rock, FINALLY, The Greg One HAS COME BACK to Suns Zooooo!! The Zoo has acquired a fantastic new lead writer with Kevin Bonneville at the controls. Still, every great analyst needs a great color analyst for that unstoppable 1-2 punch. When The Greg One’s phone blew up with the news of the Phoenix Suns deal with the Orlando Magic, The Greg One knew it was time to step back into the phone booth, put on the red and blue suit with the ‘S’ on the chest and bring the pain with scathing trade dissection. The Greg One is declaring a state of emergency in the Zoo and Suns Zoo, it is time to let your voices be heard about this trade! Love it? Hate it? Wait and see? The double barrel attack is set, the Zoo will be louder and prouder than ever and the first of my many blogs on this subject will be coming in 3…2….1…

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