Mavericks Still Having To Tread Water Without Superstar

By alexsanderson

With news that he won’t play on Saturday night against the Orlando Magic, Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki will have missed the most games this season than any other year of his great career with Dallas. It will be the seventh consecutive game he will not be announced in the starting lineup, and it’s really taken a toll on the previously near unbeatable-looking Mavs.

Dallas is 2-4 without Dirk after starting the season 24-5 with him. While that may further his stature in the MVP race, that’s not something that will really make Rick Carlisle and company feel anybetter. The Mavs have only topped the 100-point mark once since Nowitzki went out and they are certainly struggling with trying to find ways to score the basketball.

About the only good thing happening for Dallas right now is that other top teams in the Western Conference have also been struggling lately. The San Antonio Spurs actually just dropped back to back games while the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers have had lots of drama surrounding them. It is a long season and Dallas is intelligently being extremely careful with their versatile scorer.

The sledding won’t get any easier for the Mavericks either as they face a red-hot Orlando Magic team tonight at home. The blockbuster trading that the Magic made a couple of weeks ago is already paying huge dividends and they seem to have a great chemistry going right now. Dallas has also been struggling at home of late losing four of it’s last six games at the American Airlines Center.

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