What's RIGHT with the Suns?

By gregwilliams
kland, California, USA 02 December 2010. The Suns defeated the Warriors 107-101. EPA/JOHN G MABANGLO CORBIS OUT fotoglif841709

There are more than enough answers to the question ‘What’s wrong with the Suns?’ to fill multiple blogs, how about accentuating the positive for once? What are the Suns doing right? While this may be a shorter answer than the former question, there is always a silver lining and I’m happy to share it with you.

1. Can I write Steve Nash 100 times and have that be 100 reasons? No? Okay, but he is reason numero uno. Nash is still a Suns and he gives his team a fighting chance in every game. If the others show up and play as hard as he does, the Suns can make the playoffs this season.

2. Alvin Gentry is a brilliant basketball mind who has taken Mike D’Antoni’s ‘Seven seconds or less’ offense and turned it into a more controlled chaos, but maintained its league leading scoring effectiveness. As long as Gentry is at the controls, this team will be fun to watch and score at a breakneck pace. Now about that defense…

3. The offense. With the mash-up of extra parts the Suns have, the offense still hums at 106 points per game, good for third in the NBA. Until defensive specialists can be brought in and the fabric of this team can be substantially altered, the formula for success is run, run and run some more. As a matter of fact, reinstate the full ‘Seven seconds or less’ style so you don’t have to worry about being the worst defensive team in the league. If you can create an extra 10-15 possessions per game with the Suns collection of shooters, it could easily equate to more wins.

4. Suns management. The Greg One has panned the Suns brass for making bonehead moves in previous blogs, but one caveat can be made. Suns management is not afraid to issue a ‘My bad’ to Suns fans. The Magic trade that sent Hedo Turkoglu out of town is exhibit A. Hedo’s play left the front office with egg on their face, but instead of turning a blind eye to the situation, Lance Blanks and Lon Babby made it right by getting rid of that problem. Suns fans can have faith that the duo will be proactive in making sure the team at least stays competitive and problem players will be sent packing. As long as their judgment on who to sign improves, the Suns brass could be a reason for optimism in the Valley.

5. Phoenix is still a location players will want to come to. This a run and gun system, good for padding point totals. Gaudy point totals equal fat contracts. The weather is great (aside from the freak hailstorm) and lots of big name players from all sports reside here. A good recruiting pitch could put the Suns back into the hunt sooner than later.

6. At least we’re not the Clippers.

7. Two words: Lottery pick.

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