Salmons sparks Bucks offense

By jeffengelhardt

The Milwaukee Bucks won. I repeat, the Bucks won.

Credit: Associated Press

The four-game skid is over and the Bucks got a much needed win over the Raptors 92-74 at the Bradley Center. I would have been happy with an ugly overtime win at this stage, but it was a great performance with an offense that finally woke up.

The best part is the offense came from an unexpected source: John Salmons.

The Bucks savior in their push for the 2010 playoffs has struggled all season to find his stroke, but he finally flashed his old form tonight. In his first game back in the starting lineup since his injury, he went for 17 points on 7-18 shooting, which is better than what I expected.

Meanwhile Brandon Jennings continued to find his form after his injury. Jennings has struggled since he has been back, but he inched his way closer to the 30-minute mark as he played 27 minutes and notched 12 points. The real positive was his quickness was on display in a way we have not seen since he was sidelined. He looked to drive to the rim more often and was more aggressive. The result was a 6-14 shooting display, the best since his return.

The most mind boggling statistic this game was in the +/- category. Only two Bucks, that’s right, just two Bucks had a negative and it was Chris Douglas Roberts and John Brockman who ended up with -1, which is not bad. While that shows how well everyone played defense, it is also shown in that only two Raptors notched double digits and only Andrea Bargnani broke 20 points.

It has been a long time since the team has played this well, but it was against the Raptors and it was at home. Still, you can only beat the team on your schedule and it was a great performance. The Bucks are now 1-1 on the crucial six-game streak I’ve been touting.

Next up is Washington. The kicker is it is in Washington and when the Wizards are at home they are a much tougher out. It’s still a game the team needs to win if they want to prove they’re starting a streak to the playoffs.


Rumors are starting that Carmelo Anthony may soon be a Laker. If that happens, I believe L.A. becomes the new “super team” of the NBA as they will have a much deeper bench than Miami with just as strong a starting lineup … I know I’m a little late, but I think UFC 126 proved Anderson Silva is the best mixed martial artist of all-time. Bring on Georges St. Pierre … Not much of a baseball guy, but pitchers and catchers are reporting soon. Are all you Milwaukee fans excited for the Brewers season?

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