Playing with trades

By jeffengelhardt
Al Harrington is a big man with a lot of scoring ability. Could he help the Bucks?

Editor’s Note: Word Press was still having technical issues. This post was written awhile ago, but I could only get it up now. I will try to get a Milwaukee/Memphis recap and Indiana preview up later.

No matter how poorly a team may be playing it’s always fun to think about potential, albeit far-fetched trades. And with the Bucks in the middle of a disappointing 1-2 streak against poor teams, I thought now was as good a time as any to think of some fun trades.

I hate to see any Buck go, I really do. For some reason I get emotionally attached to these guys when they wear the green. Heck, I even shed a tear when Charlie Villanueva and Royal Ivey departed.

With that being said, if a trade were to go down, which it probably won’t I could see only three players being dangled: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Jon Borckman and Keyon Dooling.

With Mbah a Moute or Brockman, I would suspect the team would look to trade rebounding for scoring. Both men are strong rebounders, and Mbah a Moute is also a top-notch perimeter defender. If they trade Dooling, it’s because teams always need a good backup point guard that can score, and Dooling can do that.

So what contender may look to improve perimeter defense? The Denver Nuggets

Clearly, they are more concerned with other things, such as Carmelo Anthony, but that is why this is just a hypothetical fun process. The Bucks desperately need scoring from the frontcourt and Al Harrington could be an interesting option. Clearly the team would take a significant hit in defense with that trade, but it could be time to make some sacrifices to try to open this offense up.

As for Jon Brockman, well Atlanta could use a rebounder and big body like him off the bench. The problem is Atlanta doesn’t have much to offer in return, but if I were to take anyone I would take a chance on rookie guard Jordan Crawford. He doesn’t have the scoring ability of Jodie Meeks who the Bucks foolishly gave away, but he does have a decent upside. It would be better than to let Brockman underachieve or waste on the bench. Drew Gooden and Ersan Ilyasova have proven to be acceptable backups to Bogut when needed.

Oklahoma City could use a player like Keyon Dooling and the Bucks could use a shooter like Daequan Cook or a big man like Nick Collison. The Thunder have a lot of good pieces that don’t get as much playing time as they could elsewhere and I would be fine welcoming one of them to Milwaukee. Of course, both Collison and Cook have had their struggles, but it could provide a spark.

As the deadline approaches, I actually hope the Bucks stand pat because again, I get emotionally attached to these guys. But it’s fun to think about potential trades and I believe all the preceding options offer some interesting scenarios.

Are there any trades you fans would like to see the Bucks try to make?


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