Bucks must make most of momentum

By jeffengelhardt
Credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sorry for the extended time between posts Buck fans, between on and off technical difficulties and a very busy few days it was hard to get a post up, but enough of that – let’s get at it.

The Milwaukee Bucks may have played their best game of the season against the Clippers Monday. The offense put up a shocking 102 points and everyone (who was on the floor) looked healthy for the first time in a long time. But the dominant 24 point win was even more impressive considering Drew Gooden and Corey Maggette did not play and Ersan Ilyasova left the game after only 2 minutes after being hit in the eye.

Carlos Delfino looked like he was back in last season’s form as he dropped five three pointers and 16 points while finishing the game with 26 points in all. Delfino is undoubtedly the team’s best spot up shooter and if Jennings and Salmons can continue to drive and dish like they did Monday, we could see a big improvement in perimeter shooting from this team.

Jennings looked to be near 100 percent with his speed, though he still may be a step or two slow compared to pre-injury games. But expect the star point guard to be at full force after the All-Star game. Jennings finished with 20 points.

Salmons continues his recent run of strong outings, possibly a sign he is ready for his trademark second half surge. If Salmons can continue to contribute 16 points and 12 assists on a consistent basis, the team really has a chance to make a run for the playoffs.

There are some games within a season a team can look back at as a turning point and Monday was certainly one of them. It is unlikely many games will be able to springboard this team emotionally like Monday and it is because of what is coming up.

First big event after what could be the turning point: The Denver Nuggets at home on ESPN. That’s right, the Milwaukee Bucks are on national TV. The Bucks must absolutely take advantage and not only have a good showing, but pull off the upset. Winning on ESPN when you only get one game a year on the network can be a big boost.

After that, the team must find a way to integrate Michael Redd into the rotation. Redd is set to start doing some basketball activities with the team Monday and hopefully he can stay healthy as practices get more intense. If all goes well, the team could add a deadly shooter if Redd is willing to adapt to a lesser role and new offense.

I know some fans have soured on Redd in the recent years, but he is one of the most legendary Bucks of all-time and if this is his last year in a Bucks uniform; I’m sure he will want to lay it all on the floor and show he has something left.

Here is hoping the Bucks end this side of the season with a big win against Denver on ESPN and get some momentum heading into the all-star break.


The Charlotte Bobcats spanked the LA Lakers again Monday. The Bobcats are 8-2 against the Lakers in the last 10 meetings. Crazy. … Don’t know if anyone checked out the highlights of the Pittsburgh Penguins/New York Islanders game over the weekend, but I don’t think I’ll ever see that many fights in an NHL game again. … The Albert Pujols deadline is about to pass and he is reportedly not close to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals. Sports Illustrated hinted the Cubs were already thinking of offering 10 years, $300 million next season. Pujols is the best player in baseball, but not sure at that price.

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