Chicago Bulls Versus Toronto Raptors Preview

By chrisrundell

The Bulls welcome back Joakim Noah to the court tonight against the Toronto Raptors at six in the United Center. This is the first game after the All-Star break for the Bulls, and they will be looking to start this half on the right foot, and I for one am confident the Bulls will show up to play and get the win.

Coming off the break, the team should be well rested, and ready to fire on all cylinders tonight. Let’s go back to those wonderful nine games when the Bulls backcourt included both Noah and Carlos Boozer, and had a 7 and 2 record with that roster. I would look for nothing different tonight, as all reports are Noah is at 100 percent. Although I don’t doubt that he will see less time than normal, playing full speed NBA basketball isn’t something you can just jump back into, he’ll need a quick tune-up.

It may be a little bit like the twilight zone for James Johnson who’s first game back from the break will indeed be at the United Center, he’ll just be on the other side of the court on the Raptors bench. The Raptors have not found them selves on the winning in the last 11 road games they have played, and I don’t expect them to break that streak tonight.

My stat of the night is this, the Bulls have only let four of their last 36 opponents score 101 points or more, the Raptors are a dismal 5-31 when they score less than 101, so what does that mean? The Bulls defense will be the key to success tonight as it most usually is.

Prediction: Bulls 112, Raptors 95. Derrick Rose with 27 points and along with Boozer, and Deng will have a double double in the Bulls win!

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