Game 58: Thunder v. Lakers

By tariqahmad

The Thunder hosted the world champion Lakers on Sunday.

The Thunder got off to a hot start, with great shooting and transition game. Thunder led by 6 after 1. The second quarter was similar to the first, with good scoring. However, the Lakers were able to close the score a couple of times. Thunder led by 5 at half.

In the second half, the Thunder severely underperformed. The Thunder shot very poorly, only scoring 13 points in the third quarter, and trailed by 3 after 3. In the fourth quarter, the game went back and forth, with the Thunder having a chance at the end to win, trailing by 3. Kevin Durant missed a 3 with less than 5 seconds left. Nick Collison tipped the ball out to James Harden, who had a good look, but also missed, and the Thunder lose by 3.

Durant finished with 21 points, Russell Westbrook added 22, and Serge Ibaka added 13 rebounds. At home vs. the Pacers on Wednesday. Thunder Up!!!

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