By derekevans

Hey fellow Kings fans. My name is Derek Evans and I am the new blogger for Kings Round Table. I just wanted to introduce myself and give you some of my background. I am currently attending American River College and I am majoring in journalism. I am also the sports editor of The Current, the newspaper on campus.

I’ve been following the Kings since about 1996, so I’ve been there for the Lionel Simmons era and beyond. My family was season ticket holders for about a decade, so I’ve been to plenty of games at Arco Arena. And yes, it is called Arco Arena. I don’t care what the signs on the building say now.

I also followed the Charlotte Bobcats quite a bit until recently. Ever since he was drafted by the Kings, Gerald Wallace has been my favorite player. I love his heart and complete disregard for his body he shows on the court. Obviously, now that Gerald Wallace has been traded to Portland I am not as interested in the Bobcats anymore.

The other sport I follow is football. I am a die hard 49ers fan. You may start to see a common theme to the teams I follow. They have all been absolutely terrible lately. I really do know how to pick them.

I’m looking forward to getting to work and will be posting as many articles as I can, including game previews, postgame thoughts, player evaluations and more. If you have any questions, comments, or article ideas, email me at or send me a tweet/follow me @Derek_Evans_KRT

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